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Felix Ruckert, Rüdiger Wenk | Rüdiger Wenk, Felix Ruckert

Listen and move (and/or not) in a very special, guided way!

In the frame of the Berlin Science Week Felix Ruckert & Rüdiger Wenk aka Phonoschrank will offer a space of silence, reflection, and non-doing, interwoven with a practice of minimal cybernetic collective dancing.

Everyone is invited to come and participate.

At every full hour Phonoschrank will offer a 20-minute White Noise meditation, followed by a 40-minute phase of meditative movement in a group in cybernetic sounds.

Felix Ruckert will choreograph a series of simple circular dances, especially for the occasion. The dances will be slow and minimal, sometimes even without almost any movement, focusing on collaboration and listening. All dances are technically very easy and require no previous experience with dance or music.

Phonoschrank will guide your listening from meditation to movement, from the function ”White Noise” to a cybernetic sound synthesis algorithm, and from technical cybernetics to social cybernetics.


This is an in-person event. Attending the event is free of charge and requires no registration.

The IKSK pyramid will be open from 3:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m., all welcome.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
IKSK Berlin
Holzmarkt 25 Haus 2/ 4. Etage
Berlin, Berlin 10247 Germany
++ 49 173 6118404

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