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Unsolved Problems in the Study of Intelligence

Cluster of Excellence – Science of Intelligence | Marc Toussaint, Alex Kacelnik

Learning about intelligence, from crows to robots

A live discussion of Alex Kacelnik (Biologist, U Oxford) and Marc Toussaint (AI Roboticist, TU Berlin) on key problems in studying intelligence in both animals and AI systems.


This event can be attended digitally or in person.

If you would like to attend the event on-site, please book your spot in advance. More information to follow.

Shortly before the event begins, the stream will be made available on this site. Add the event to your favourites and receive a reminder via email.

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Marc Toussaint

Science of Intelligence, Berlin

Marc Toussaint represents the synthetic disciplines at the intersections of AI planning, machine learning, and robotics. In his view, a key in understanding and creating intelligence is the interplay of learning and reasoning, where learning becomes the enabler for strongly generalizing reasoning and acting in our physical world. Within SCIoI, he is interested in studying computational methods and representations to enable efficient learning and general purpose physical reasoning, and demonstrating such capabilities on real-world robotic systems.

Alex Kacelnik

University of Oxford

Alex Kacelnik FRS is a behavioural ecologist that works on animal behaviour and its underlying psychological mechanisms. His research includes studies of decision making, learning and memory in birds, mammals, insects and other animals. In SCioI he collaborates with Oliver Brock and Alice Auersperg in research on intelligence in cockatoos and its emulation in artificial systems. He is also is a member and promotor of the Oxford-Berlin partnership.

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