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Megatrends and Future Research

Diverse perspectives on megatrends and future research. Presentation and panel discussion.

Berthold M. Kuhn and Dimitrios L. Margellos present an analysis of twelve global trends shaping our future. When analyzing global megatrends, diversity of perspective is required. Kuhn and Margellos identified and analyzed trends in cooperation with renowned think tanks, researchers, and analysts from different world regions.

Key megatrends include climate action and sustainability, digitalization, growing inequalities, urbanization and smart cities, the progression toward a green economy, and sustainable finance. Addressing geopolitical shifts and the future of multilateralism, Kuhn and Margellos also refer to new trends in democracy and governance, migration, and health and nutrition, as well as civilizational developments like demography, diversity, identity politics, individualization, and shifting gender norms.

The presentation of Kuhn and Margellos who authored the book Global Perspectives on Megatrends (Ibidem Publishers and Columbia University Press, 2022) focuses on how the different global trends are connected. The presentation, around 20min, will be followed by a panel discussion involving Banning Garrett, a seasoned U.S. American megatrend researcher, strategic thinker, writer and speaker and Victoria Escobar Heredia, researcher at the Berlin-based Institute for Urban Research and Structural Policies and chairperson of the German nonprofit organization Schülerpaten Berlin e.V.


This event will take place as part of the Berlin Science Week CAMPUS‚. Admission is free. Please reserve your one or two-day ticket here.

Information about the physical accessibility of the Museum für Naturkunde can be found here. The Humboldt Auditorium is located a few metres from the museum and can be reached barrier-free.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
Invalidenstraße 43
Berlin, Berlin 10115 Germany

Berthold Kuhn


Berthold Kuhn is a political scientist and international cooperation advisor on sustainable development. He works as an adjunct professor (Privatdozent) at the Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science (OSI), Freie Universität Berlin and as consultant to the European Commission, United Nations organisations, German development cooperation, consulting firms and non-governmental organisations. He was previously a professor at the School of Public Affairs and School of Public Policy, Xiamen University and a GIZ-CIM and Rhineland-Palatinate cooperation expert.
His work focuses on sustainable development and climate policies in comparative perspective, sustainable finance, state-market-civil society cooperation, China in the global context, the role of civil society, non-governmental organisations (NGO), global megatrends and future research, human rights (including economic, social and cultural rights), participation issues, capacity development, monitoring and evaluation.

Victoria Escobar Heredia

IfS Institut für Stadtforschung und Strukturpolitik

Victoria Escobar Heredia is a multilingual sociologist with experience in educational research as well as project coordination, evaluation and monitoring, specially interested in sustainable development and international cooperation. She is currently a researcher at IfS Institut für Stadtforschung und Strukturpolitik.

Banning Garrett is a Washington-based strategic thinker, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur focusing on exponential technologies and global trends. He is an independent consultant, faculty member at Singularity University, adviser to several high-tech startups, and co-founder of a nano RFID startup.

Dimitrios L. Margellos

Freie Universität Berlin

Political Science student at Freie Universität Berlin and Co-Author of „Global Perspectives on Megatrends: The Future as Seen by Analysts and Researchers from Different World Regions“ by Berthold M. Kuhn with Dimitrios L. Margellos, Ibidem Publishers / Columbia University Press, Spring 2022.

Focusing on Political Economy and Inequality Research.

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