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How to Strenghten THE Scientific Culture in Africa

Universität Duisburg-Essen, Stephane Kenmoe | Pascal Pierre Bengono Bengono, Eric Blandin Djeumi Kemadjou, Luc Allemand, Adiaratou Sangare, Pierre Le Grand Nka, Raissa Malu, Stephane Kenmoe, Boniface Dashaco

Science, society, movie, communication

Panelists from various fields such as academia, the film industry, science communication or decision making discuss about the challenges and opportunities to building a stronger scientific culture in Africa.

PUBLIC WORKSHOP AT the Maison des Francophonies, Centre Francais de Berlin.

This is an in-person event. No prior registration is necessary.

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Science journalist

Film and audiovisual professional.

Raissa Malu

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in DR Congo

Member of DR Congo’s presidential panel at the head of African Union

Stephane Kenmoe

Universität Duisburg-Essen

scientist and science communicator

Über den Veranstaltungsort
Maison des Francophonies, Centre Francais de Berlin
Mullerstrasse 74
Berlin, Berlin 13349 Germany

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