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Engaging the Excluded

Falling Walls Foundation | Rokia Ballo

How did we get here and where do we go? A follow-up discussion.

The need for scientists to effectively communicate and engage the public with science has never been clearer than today. However, ensuring communication and engagement are delivered equitably remains a challenge.

The literature suggests that despite calls to democratise science and much theorising on how this might be achieved from those within science communication and public engagement, in practice their activities are often criticized for reinforcing patterns of exclusion found in wider society which particularly impact marginalized groups at risk of other forms of social exclusion. As the world continues to turn its attention to issues of inequality, so has the scientific community, with many already attempting to break down barriers to accessing science and foster inclusive engagement.

This session will discuss and highlight examples of how inclusive practice is being employed across a range of geographies and cultural contexts: sharing key learnings from each speaker to suggest how we might better engage the excluded with science moving forward.

Together with the researcher and host of the session, Rokia Ballo, Falling Walls Engage has created a perspective review and short film of the same name. Have a look here.


This is a digital event. If you would like to attend, please book your spot here. Access to the event will be provided by the organiser.

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Rokia Ballo

The Voice of Health Services Research (HSR)

Rokia Ballo is a Science and Technology Studies (STS) researcher whose work focuses on the ways science for policy, science advisory systems and politics intersect with social inequality. She recently completed her MSc in STS at University College London (UCL) and won both the STS course prize and Kathleen Lonsdale dissertation prize. She will begin her PhD at UCL’s STS department this autumn. Rokia is also interested in inclusive practice within science communication. She is Co-Chair of Science London (nominated for an ITV National Diversity Award 2021) who deliver workshops and resources for scientists and communicators to employ equitable practice in their work. She is committed to developing polyvocal and decolonial narratives of science that take us beyond academic institutions and centre equity and social justice.

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