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Collective Intelligence or Collective Stupidity? From Fish Schools to Human Groups

Cluster of Excellence – Science of Intelligence | Ralf Kurvers, Pawel Romanczuk

Exploring swarm intelligence in fish and humans.  

As part of the “6 o’clock with SCIoI” talk series, scientists Pawel Romanczuk and Ralf Kurvers will explore swarm intelligence in fish and humans, investigating the role of single individuals and social interactions in collective decisions, also exploring when collectives make good decisions, and when they go wrong.


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Ralf Kurvers

Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung

Ralf Kurvers is a behavioural biologist working on individual and collective decision-making in human and non-human animals. His work links information processing and decision making at the individual level, to the spread of information through social interactions, and emerging collective responses.

Pawel Romanczuk

Science of Intelligence

Pawel Romanczuk works at the interface of applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and behavioral biology. He focuses on collective behavior of organismic systems. His research bridges analytical and synthetic sciences to study self-organization, evolutionary adaptations, and functional dynamical behavior.

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