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Bringing together innovative minds from science, politics and business to discuss how Europe can become a leader in AI research and entrepreneurship

Europe has been the leading driver of civilization for centuries, producing many of the world’s most important inventions and innovations in the past. Today, tech companies from the US and China grow fastest but the lack of economic sustainability and societal stability creates a tremendous demand for scientific knowledge and new solutions. To address the many challenges faced by people and societies today, we need a boost of breakthrough innovations that make their way from the lab to the market. In this forum, presented by Merantix in collaboration with the ETH AI Center, we bring together innovative minds from science, politics and business to discuss how Europe can become a leader in AI research and entrepreneurship.

This event is part of ETH Zurich’s RETHINKING LIVING campaign. We are all feeling massive change across just about every aspect of our lives. Climate change, the destruction of biodiversity, the coronavirus pandemic and technological disruptions present threats, but more importantly, an opportunity to focus on grand challenges, to embrace deeper meaning, and to rediscover overlooked aspects of our lives. RETHINKING LIVING convenes scientists, industry experts and outstanding global thinkers from ETH Zurich and across the world. Together, we re-​think different conceptions of living, re-​evaluate life choices, and re-​consider the changes we would like to see in a post-​pandemic world.


This is a by-invitation only in person event. Capacity has been reached and registration is closed.

Über den Veranstaltungsort
AI Campus
Max-Urich Str. 3
Berlin, 13355 Germany

Rasmus Rothe is a co-founder and CTO at Merantix, a Berlin-based venture studio building transformative AI companies in industries such as healthcare and automotive. As a co-founder and board member of the German association of AI companies (KI Bundesverband), he works closely with the German government on their AI strategy and implementation. He obtained a PhD in Deep Learning from ETH Zurich after studying at Oxford and Princeton. Previously he co-founded HackZurich, which became the biggest hackathon in Europe, scaled a deep learning powered service to 150 million users, and became world champion in Robocup Junior. Rasmus is a Founding Member of the ETH Circle.

Alexander Ilic is the Executive Director and a co-founder of the ETH AI Center. He completed his habilitation at University of St. Gallen (HSG), holds a PhD from ETH Zurich, and a MSc from TU Munich. Alex is a Swiss-German deep tech entrepreneur, researcher, and investor. He co-founded the computer vision start-up Dacuda which was acquired by Augmented Reality pioneer Magic Leap in 2017. He served as head of Magic Leap Switzerland from Feb 2017 to August 2020 where he built up the R&D Center of Excellence for Computer Vision & Deep Learning in Zurich and a R&D Center of Excellence for Advanced Photonics in Lausanne. He was named twice „Entrepreneur of the Year“ (2011 by HSG, 2012 by EY) and won several entrepreneurship prizes including the Swiss Economic Award.

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