On the occasion of Berlin Science Week 2021, LAS (Light Art Space) hosted a conversation between artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Dr Kim Mortega from the Natural History Museum, moderated by guest curator Emma Enderby and introduced by Dr Bettina Kames, Director of LAS. They will discuss the LAS commission Berl-Berl which was on view at Halle am Berghain from July to September 2021.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen and ornithologist Dr Kim Mortega discuss the collaboration between LAS and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin on the artist’s most recent project: Berl-Berl. The conversation is moderated by Emma Enderby, who curated the exhibition. Follow the speakers as they take you on a journey to the origins of Berlin, discuss what it takes to bring art and science together and how Sorbian mythologies can guide us through the wetlands of today. The audience will get a look behind the scenes of a collaboration that brings together art and science as well as get an insight into the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin’s vast collection through an artistic lense. The talk touches on Berlin’s past as a swamp, highlights the importance of its remaining wetlands for the unique biodiversity of the city and tells the many stories connected to this intricate ecosystem.

Photo: Jakob Kudsk Steensen, ‚Berl-Berl‘, Halle am Berghain, 2021 © Timo Ohler