Berlin Science Week is a 10-day international festival between 1 — 10 November bringing together the world’s most innovative scientific organisations to celebrate science and to enable an open and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge

As a global hub, our mission is to strengthen vibrant and diverse scientific networks as well as to endorse a fruitful dialogue between science and society. Berlin Science Week showcases scientific excellence, promotes discussions on the grand challenges of our time and fosters event formats that are future-thinking in science communication.

Together with all participating organisations we find new, interactive, and also fun ways to make science, research, and innovation accessible to curious minds from around the world.

A Platform For Dialogue and Collaboration in Science

Since its inception in 2016, Berlin Science Week has become an important hub for interdisciplinary scientific dialogue and knowledge exchange.

In 2020, in light of the pandemic, we transformed our website into a digital platform that enables both the embedding of and access to diverse virtual event formats. The future of work, energy or food, insights into Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, robotic & quantum, climate change & sustainability, advances in health & medicine, diversity & identity in science, Art and Science, the effects of Covid-19, vertical mobility – these and many other topics were presented and discussed with science enthusiasts from around the globe.

In 2021 we continue to improve our digital platform for a smooth user experience. It will be able to host hybrid or digital contributions from around the world. At the same time our aim is to create a digital place that provides long-term access to the content of Berlin Science Week.

Our hopes are high that we will once again be able to meet in person. However, we will keep the added value that digitalization offers.

How to Get Involved

Join our mission if you are a national or international university, a research institution, a science-based start-up or an innovative business, a science engagement & science policy initiative, or an interdisciplinary science project in arts & culture.

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